Support Our Cause...

We are a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Ugandan local communities.

By using a theme of One Health  to protect Humans, the environment, and animals in Uganda, we aim at providing community outreach initiatives, including animal welfare education, wellness checks, spay and neuter, and rabies vaccination events. Through this, we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of paws and humans. This young pup seen to the right is now vaccinated against the spread of rabies.  We want to reach the 10,000+ other animals in our community to keep us all safe.

Uniquely Paws is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the

US State of New York  EIN 88-3582358 

Ongoing Fundraisers

Community Clinics

We raise funds to help create healthy communities by controlling the domestic animal population in Uganda, and by offering free spay, neuter, vaccine, and education clinics to neighborhoods around Kampala and upcountry villages as well. Our official launch clinic happened November 19, 2022; the budget for each clinic held in Kampala and surrounding communities is $700 and we aim to provide up to 200 animals with vaccinations, spay and neutering, and wellness checks. Will you donate today to help support our next clinics?

Doing the Math

Uncontrolled breeding leads to a staggering number of animals in need. A single unspayed female dog and her offspring can produce 12,200 puppies in five years, while an unspayed cat can produce over 11,000 kittens. Spay and neuter programs are vital to prevent unnecessary animal suffering.

Uniquely Paws, since November 2022, has sponsored 13 free community clinics and spayed over 254 female dogs and cats, administered 1789 rabies vaccines, therefore saving the communities we serve from having to care for possibly millions of stray animals that could have come into our communities. With your support, we can continue to reduce this predicted overpopulation, protect the animals from potential cruelty, and create safety for our communities. Join Uniquely Paws in our mission to make a positive global impact, starting in Uganda, and expanding our efforts worldwide.