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We are a fully transparent, U.S.-based 501(c)3 charity and are reliant on public donations, volunteers, and Corporate Social Responsibility sponsorship to help support our mission.

We welcome your support and here are some ways to give.  Come partner with us, volunteer at a clinic, shop our UniquelyPaws   shop for beautiful gifts, or make a one time or monthly tax-deductible donation.  We appreciate any support you can give.


Buy our hand-made products in Kampala Uganda crafted by our women’s collectives! They make excellent gifts for your animal-loving friends and family, and have a special magic not found i

Become A Volunteer!

As part of our community outreach strategy, we welcome local volunteers to help us achieve our goals in the near future.  Uniquely Paws Limited kindly asks you to stay tuned or upcoming events and opportunities to volunteer.  You can follow us on Facebook @UniquelyPawsLimited to learn about our upcoming events.

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